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                Alternet Detox

                  Ionic Detox Foot Spa Bath Australia

                  Australian Manufacturer CALL 02 6971 8868

Amazing new health programme that

uses the Ionic Detox Foot Bath

to get extraordinary results

A Perfect Home Business or addition to your existing Business,

Day Spa, Salon or Health Practitioners

With Detoxification your clients will boost their immune system, sleep more soundly, enhance their digestion, increase mental alertness and energy levels, improve their bodies process to eliminate heavy metals and toxin pollutants naturally,

increase concentration and to achieve improved health.

Help your clients to find better health and wellbeing!

Our Complete Plus System that will cover its cost in a few short weeks and continue to make profits in excess of $100 per day or over $2500 per month**

Self working and little or NO attendance is necessary so staff costs are minimal

BOOST your PROFITS without increasing your staff

Attract NEW Customers with a UNIQUE Service that delivers results

Portable and easy to use

Use multiple systems and increase profits

Non- invasive and built to satisfy Stringent Australian Electrical Safety Standards.

36 months Australian based Warranty Service

FULL after sales support

Complete with

 NEW Upgraded Controller (GEN4) with LCD Display

(offering 3 modes and alternating polarity)

Ionic Detox Foot Bath Gen4 LCD Display Controller

 Arrays (2) Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

(each offering 40-60 sessions depending on water quality & care)

Ionic Detox Foot Bath replacement Arrays.

Blue Foot Basin

(with 20 Fitted Liners)

Bio-degradable Cleaning Solution (2)

Himalayan Crystal Salt Large

Marketing Materials

Eye catching advertising Window Decal to attract passing customers

 FULL Colour Advertising Rack Cards/Flyers

Comprehensive Product Handbook

36 Months Australian based Warranty Service

Full after Sales Assistance & Support

Capital investment is only

$1,100.00 AUD

(normally $1,295.00)

and replacement consumables are

less than $4 per treatment.


Ionic Detox Foot Bath Complete PLUS


offering your clients a great treatment option

NORMALLY $1,295.00 AUD

Complete with

NEW upgraded GEN4 LCD Controller

3 Treatment Modes

Blue Basin (Fitted Liners)

2 x Arrays Surgical Grade

2 x Array Cleaning Solution

LARGE Himalayan Crystal Salt

Marketing Materials

36 MONTHS Warranty

Ionic Detox Foot Bath Complete PLUS


Blue Foot Basin

EXTRA Foot Basin to use with our LONG Cable Array Business package complete with 20 fitted liners offering your clients a more hygienic treatment.

We are proud to offer an original and simple solution in the effort to prevent the spread of bacteria, fungus and other infections through the use of a foot bath.

This foot basin can also be used as a PEDICURE Tub.

Blue Foot Basin

**business success with the IONIC DETOX FOOT BATH is solely connected with the individuals efforts in promoting its benefits within their community. Our advice is offered/derived from our own experiences and may not always apply to each individuals circumstances.

 Ionic DETOX Foot Bath systemss a perfect addition to your business, day spa or salon

If you require any further information give us a call on

1300 212 498

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